Get the care you deserve

A wholistic, evidence-based approach to building personal resilience.

  • Individual Counselling

    Individual counselling sessions is provided in a safe place for you to talk about life’s challenges.

  • Couple Therapy

    The treatment goal in couples counselling is to assist and guide couples to become more self-regulated and resilient in their relationship and mature.

  • Family Therapy

    Family therapy assists with parenting challenges, post-separation parenting, adult extended family dynamics and family conflict.

  • Employee Assistance & Executive Coaching

    Employee Assistance Coaching and Executive Coaching is provided to employers and employees to address workplace issues and career concerns.

  • Clinical supervision

    Supervisees are encouraged through a supportive, reflective practice to critically reflect on their clinical work.

Anita will be able to assist you with …

Anxiety, Depression
& Stress Management

Improving Family

Couple Communication
& Connection

Parenting Teenagers

Divorce & Post
Separation Parenting

Grief & Loss

Domestic & Family

Workplace Wellbeing
& Career Concerns

Supervision of Counsellors,
Psychologists & Health Professionals

Meet Anita

Anita is a committed psychologist and family systems therapist with a wealth of experience and scholarship in the field.

Systems thinking posits a close connection between symptoms and relationships.

Anita will coach individuals and families deal with mental health concerns as well as assist them to better understand and manage couple and family relationships or workplace dynamics.