Our service can provide help with a range of issues

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief & Loss

  • Trauma

  • Stress

  • Marital & Couple Distress

  • Family Relationship Difficulties

  • Parenting Teenagers

  • Post Separation Parenting

  • Adolescent Mental Health

  • Workplace Issues

  • Career Concerns

  • Extended Family Issues

  • Adjusting to Life Events

  • Family Violence

Counselling can help to adjust to life’s challenges

Anita recognizes we all experience challenging times in our lives and mostly we are resilient beings that have strategies to manage upsetting situations well.

At times however when there is too much happening in our lives, we need assistance to deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

Anita will coach you to adjust to challenges, build your personal resilience and provide strategies to cope better.

Utilizing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Bowen Family Systems treatment Anita will coach you to understand the problem you are experiencing and how it is expressed.

Anita is a psychologist that specializes in individual, couples and family therapy utilizing Bowen Family Systems thinking. Symptoms are an expression of the challenges we face in live.

Anita will coach individuals, couples and family members to express self calmly, clearly through improved communication, so that you can readjust and adapt better under stress.

All potential new clients are invited to contact Anita for an initial chat. Anita recognizes that finding the ‘right fit’ psychologist/counsellor is important and taking the initial step of contacting a psychologist can be daunting. Anita is very happy to answer any questions you may have and she looks forward to your call for an initial chat.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling sessions is provided in a safe place for you to talk about life’s challenges.

You will be supported to find a way through tough times in a confidential space and an opportunity to build your personal resilience.

Strategies, readings and resources will be provided as well as small tasks and goals which may be set between counselling sessions.

‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so’

William Shakespeare

Couple Therapy

Couple relationships are often challenged when faced with life events that are testing resilience. Couple interactions become more reactive as stress and anxiety rises in the individuals. Often this can lead to conflict and a lack of closeness.

The treatment goal in couples counselling is to assist and guide couples to become more self-regulated and resilient in their relationship and mature. The coaching will provide a space to become better attuned to how your responses impact your partner. Clients are encouraged to think for themselves, not for one another and express their thinking and needs clearly to their partner. Couples will be coached to improve their communication and self expression.

After the initial assessment session, couples are encouraged to book regular sessions over the space of two months at the end of which progress will be assessed and further recommendations made.

Strategies, resources and homework will be provided.

Couple relationship issues are very distressing, please seek help early and contact Anita to have an initial chat on 0410 678 898

‘A good relationship is when someone accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future’

Family Therapy

Family life is challenging, it is not surprising that family members are constantly adapting to reduce stress for themselves and others in the family unit; the adaptive behaviour may be perceived by other family members as either positive or negative.

Family therapy can help with parenting challenges, post-separation parenting, adult extended family dynamics and family conflict.

Family Therapy

Families of grown-up children and adults can function really well. Sometimes however significant life events may trigger sensitivities that impact extended family relationships and dynamics. Life events such as marriage; birth of grand/children; dealing with in-laws or death in a family, can all trigger sensitivities that impact closeness and communication. Family therapy can assist to maintain a systems perspective on how come relationships sensitivity arises and how you can best respond to it.

‘The overall goal of counselling is to help family members become ‘systems experts’ who could know their family so well that the family could readjust itself without the help of an expert’

Dr Murray Bowen

Adolescent Family Therapy

Adolescence is a time of enormous change for teenagers and their parents. In adolescent family therapy parents/carers will have an opportunity to discuss the concerns and challenges in parenting their children and teenagers.

  • Parents/carers are coached to be loving and firm family leaders.
  • Parents/carers are coached to respond thoughtfully and mindfully to their children/teenagers.
  • Parents/carers are coached to promote good communication and connection with children/teenagers

After an initial session with the parents, children/adolescents may be invited in sessions for family therapy if deemed appropriate.

Post Separation Parenting Coaching

Separation is a stressful time for all family members.

Emotions are heightened and relationships are sensitive.

It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure the impact of separation on children is lessened as much as possible.

Post-separation parenting coaching will assist separated parents to bring their best Self to mindfully parent their children.

Family Court orders referrals may be considered.

Employee Assistance & Executive Coaching

Employee Assistance Coaching and Executive Coaching is provided to employers and employees to address workplace issues and career concerns.

You will be supported and encouraged to think about your career dilemmas, management challenges and professional relationships utilizing Bowen Family Systems Theory and Thinking as well as applying evidence based interventions.

Your coach Anita is a psychologist with many years of management experience.

Resources, tasks and readings will be provided to enhance your thinking and functioning in the workplace.

‘Get your mind working for you; performance lies between your ears’

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is provided to welfare and mental health clinicians, social workers and psychologists.

Supervisees are encouraged through a supportive, reflective practice to critically reflect on their clinical work. Supervisees will be coached to explore their own thinking of clinical presentations. Self-care to prevent burn out is an important component in clinical supervision, it is easy to give too much of Self. If appropriate supervisees may wish to reflect on their own family of origin to assist them with their clinical practice and functioning as a therapist.

Reflective questions will be posed to encourage the supervisee in their own self-discovery journey as a clinician. Bowen Family Systems theory will be applied to reflect on the clinicians own functioning as a therapist.

In 2019 Anita presented with her colleagues Dr Jenny Brown, Dr Linda MacKay and Lily Mailer on the topic of Bowen Family Systems Theory and the Self of Therapist.

Anita is an approved Psychology Board of Australia Clinical Supervisor and a Clinical Member of the Australian Family Therapy Association

Please do not hesitate to contact Anita if you wish to discuss clinical supervision.

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